NHL playoffs

9 04 2008

The playoffs begin tonight, which means that I still have a shot at finishing my Upper Deck Series 2 hockey box off at the grueling pace of a pack a night once I finish off my 2008 Topps Series 1 baseball box.  Here’s some quick predictions:

The East

Montreal over the Bruins:  This seems too easy.  The Habs outscored the Cubs 39-16 this season in head to head matchup.  At least Boston still has football, baseball, and basketball to fall back on.

Ottawa over the Penguins:  It’s an upset, baby!  All the analysis says the Pens should sweep through Ottawa into the 2nd round, but I’m pulling the shocker here.

Washington over the Flyers:  The Caps ride their hot streak (11-1 in their last 12, and no cheap OT wins, either) through the first round to defeat the Flyers.

New Jersey over the Rangers:  I’m sad to say this feels like the right call, even if the Rangers managed to stifle the Devils through the season.  Brodeur will be the key.  As a Rangers fan, maybe I’m just always set up for disappointment.

The West

Detroit over the Predators:  I’m tired of the Red Wings.  I really am.  The Predators will get tired of them too.

San Jose over the Flames:  I flip and flop on this one.  The Flames can score on the Sharks.  The Sharks can dominate the league.  I’m going safe here, and taking the #2 team.  As long as they don’t play that way, they’ll move on

Minnesota over the Avs:  I’m not a fan of Colorado.  I even cheered for Detroit when I was in Denver for a playoff game years back.  It was the only game the Avs won that series.  But at least those fans have good memories of heckling me.

Anaheim over the Stars:  Hmm…  I have all four top seeds winning in the West.  It’ll be nice for one of these teams to win a round of playoff hockey.  They’ll be playing golf together after round 2.



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24 04 2008
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