People grade the strangest things

14 04 2008

While perusing eBay earlier this evening I came across this auction for a 1984 Fleer New York Mets sticker.  Fleer’s answer to Topps exclusive right to stick gun in with the baseball cards. 

I’ve never had much of a taste for graded cards.  While I can see the security in knowing your newly acquired Eddie Murray RC is judged Mint by an arbitrary person at Beckett, it also makes the card ridiculously overpriced for the average collector.  I’m going to have to stick to bidding low and hoping the seller isn’t lying when he says “crease free, sharp corners.”

As to the sticker, well, this seller is either very enterprising by trying to drum up a market for this sort of thing, or it’s another sign of grading gone wild.  Either way, since I have a number of these stickers from the old days, maybe I should keep an eye on this one.




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