2008/09 Upper Deck Victory hockey

20 04 2008

Two months before the 2008 hockey season kicks off in Europe, Upper Deck Victory is scheduled to ship (8/28/08).  You can view the checklist here(PDF).  The set features 200 base cards and 50 Victory rookies inserted one in every two packs, as well as two 50 card insert sets, “Stars of the Game” and “Game Breakers,”  and the usual colorful cast of parallels.  Each inserts set seeds at a 1:4 ratio.

Which means if you want to open enough boxes to fill out your set of base cards and rookies only, you’d have to open, with perfect collation, almost three boxes – and then wait for Upper Deck Series 2 to be released for the 100 card update set. 

Even at a low price of 20-25 dollars a box, I’ll more than likely be skipping Victory for the 8th consecutive year.  I imagine that when and if my son takes an interest in cards, we’ll start his hockey collection with a box of these, provided they still make them.  Until then, I’ll pass.




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