2008 Topps Series 1 Hobby box break

23 04 2008

Yeah, I know the excitement of Topps Series 1 has passed for many a collector already, but I just finished my box up the other night, working at a feverish pace of a pack a day, on average. Here’s how I did:

  • 301/330 base cards, including 6 with a damaged corner, leaving me with 295/330, or 89% of the set
  • 18 Gold foil cards
  • 4 Gold Parallels #/2008 – Corey Hart, Zack Greinke, Robinson Cano, and Jim Leyland
  • 1 Black Parallel #/57 – Nyjer Morgan
  • FS1 Kazuo Uzuki, or the April Fool’s Joke that no one found funny
  • 7 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team – Strawberry, Holliday, Wilkerson, Posednik, Wagner, Ichiro, and Liriano
  • 4 Presidential Hopefuls Failures – Richardson, Thompson, Romney, and Paul
  • 2 Mantle Storys and 4 Mickey Mouse Mantle HR cards
  • 6 Own the Game Cards – Howard, Cabrera, Guerrero, Pena, Lee, Peavy
  • 6 Trading Card History – Clemens, Lincecum, Teixeira/Francoeur, Upton, Soriano, Pedro
  • 6 Year in Review cards, May 14th – May 19th
  • 9 cards urging me to vote for the 50th anniversary Topps all star team, 10 cards urging me to work hard to earn cards, and 9 total checklist, 3 of each. No big hits.

All the inserts are available for trade. My wantlist has been updated, too.

Overall, a pretty pedestrian box. I’m pretty sure I hit most if not all of the hit ratios, and I’m only 35 cards short of the set. The cards themselves looked nicer as I went deeper into the box. I’m also certain Topps somehow hypnotized me with the Manny Ramirez foil packaging.




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