NHL Playoffs predictions, round 2

24 04 2008

Tell me you didn’t bet your kids college fund on my previous predictions. Please. Playing it safe in the West didn’t work, and my big upsets in the East failed to materialize, too. Though I was just a game 7 Capitals OT goal from going 4-4. Instead, I ended 3-5. With that kind of success, on to round 2

The East
Montreal over the Flyers: The Habs were forced to game 7 by the feisty Bruins while the Flyers went seven to eliminate the higher seeded Caps. Since the Canadians were unbeaten against the Flyers during the regular season just like they were against the Bruins, look for another seven game win for Montreal.

New York over the Penguins: The Rangers held a slight regular season advantage and won every game played at Madison Square Garden this year. It’s not much to go on, I know. And as a Rangers fan, I almost took the Pens to see if it was their will to prove me wrong in round 1 that propelled them to victory. But Lundqvist will outperform Fleury, and the Rangers eek through to the finals.

The West
Colorado over the Red Wings: I smell upset! Years ago this was a dream match up. This year, meh. Sure the Red Wings are balanced, blah blah blah, and either Osgood or Hasek at one point years ago could have won this series on their own. But having goaltending issues in the middle of the playoffs smells like trouble to me. And Theodore was outstanding in round 1. So why not pick him to stay hot and defeat the Wings in round 2? It’s not like I have a perfect record on the line or anything.

San Jose over the Stars: This should be the year the Sharks pull it all together. Should be. However, no one really thought the Stars would be facing anyone in the 2nd round, yet they dispatched last years Cup champs with relative ease while the Sharks struggled to defeat the Flames. I don’t see the Stars doing much this round. But I have been wrong before.

So there you have it. And this round, I guarantee I won’t miss on five of the matchups. You can bet on that.




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