More sell sheet fun

27 04 2008

From the 2008 Allen and Ginter Sheet: 

8 cards highlighting DNA relics featuring a piece of hair or matter (emphasis mine) from Abe Lincoln, John Adams, JFK and Wooly Mammoth

Awesome!  A piece of Wooly Mammoth matter!  The mind reels at what kind it could be…

And for those of you sick of the Topps Mickey Mantle HR inserts, you may want to avoid this years Upper Deck SPX.  Why?  Try a card for each Ken Griffey Jr. game.  That’s 2478 cards, not including this year.  Plus parallels, of course.  As a Reds fan, I look forward to the “Griffey pulls his hamstring rounding 3rd”  and “Griffey ruptures hamstring while chasing fly ball.”

Seriously, for one brief moment I was excited by a Ken Griffey Jr. subset until I saw the scope of the thing.  And if all the cards have the same design, which I’m betting they will, you can count me out.

*UPDATED 5-10*  Okay, so either I can’t read, or I misunderstood.  The sell sheet specifically says “each game of Ken Griffey Jr’s career,” but the Upper Deck website shows the subset to feature only 100 cards, with 725 of each card produced, each card with it’s own look. And, of course, parallels.

So Upper Deck is once again able to do something better than Topps.

Hope I didn’t scare anyone away.




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