Playoff predictions, round 3

7 05 2008

Wow, that last round was awful.  0-4.  So if you took my advice and went against my picks, you’d be doing very well right now.  Not that I condone gambling or anything.  I’m just saying…

Eastern Conference

Penguins over Philadelphia:  It’s the biggest battle in Pennsylvania since the Obama/Clinton debate raged only a few weeks ago.  Only this time, I get the feeling few people outside of the state will care.  Imagine, though, if the news media covered this round like they did the primary, with reporters on the ground and all night analysis as the game unfolded.  Possibly just as exciting.

Anyway, back to hockey.  Even though the Flyers beat the Pens in the regular season, that hasn’t been a very good metric so far.  The Penguins have the most talent and a better goalie.  I’ll further risk making up for the past rounds by saying it’ll be a quick series, too.

 Western Conference

Detroit over Dallas:  Despite the scales being tipped in favor of the Red Wings, this would be my pick for the upset.  I’ve never liked Osgood as a playoff goalie.  And the Stars are playing solid hockey, too.  But the talent of the wings will overcome the talent of a focused Marty Turco.  It’ll just take six or seven games for it to happen.



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