Where have all the Young Guns gone? Pt 3

8 05 2008

See parts one and two for more information.  In brief, a rundown of the successes and failures of players named Young Guns by Upper Deck throughout the years.  Format again will be card number, player, 07/08 team played for, and other Upper Deck base set releases (this means series 1 and 2 only).

All info gleamed from the Internet Hockey Database. Here’s 01/02 Upper Deck, series 1. Enjoy.

181 Dan Snyder – Snyder tragically died due in injuries sustained in an auto accident.  He had no other cards.
182 Zdenek Kutlak – Played for Ambri-Piotta (Swiss).  Zdenek logged a total of 16 games for the Bruins over 3 seasons.  No other Upper Deck releases.
183 Michel Larocque – Out of hockey.  The 2nd goalie name Michel Larocque was not as successful as the first, managing an 0-2 record for his career with the Blackhawks.  No other cards. 
184 Casey Hankinson – No longer plays, but runs a hockey school in his hometown.  No other cards.
185 Jody Shelley – 132 PIMS in 62 games for the Blue Jackets and Sharks.  A release a year with the exception of 04/05.
186 Martin Spanhel – Frederikshavn White Hawks (Denmark).  10 game career for the Blue Jackets.  No other cards.
187 Mathieu Darche – 22 points in 73 games for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  No other Upper Deck cards.
188 Matt Davidson – a teammate of Spanhel on Fredrikshavn (Denmark) with 28 points and 96 PIMS in 37 games.  I’m sure they share stories about their Young Gun days in the locker room.  No other Upper Deck releases.
189 Sean Selmser – 40 games, 32 points for Vienna (Austria).  NHL stats:  1 gm, 5 PIMS for the Blue Jackets.  Sean has had no more Upper Deck releases.
190 Jason Chimera3rd line center for the Blue Jackets, scored 31 points in 81 games with 91 PIMS to boot.  No other Upper Deck release.
191 Andrej PodkonickyPlayed for both Chekhov Vityaz (Russia) and Liberec Bili Tygri HC (Czech).  No other releases.
192 Mike Matteucci – Out of hockey.  His AHL numbers have enforcer written all over them, but amassed only 4 PIMs in 6 NHL games.  No other cards. 
193 Pascal Dupuis – recaptured his offensive spark after being traded to the Penguins from the Thrashers, scoring 12 points in just 16 games.   Featured in the 03/04-05/06 releases.
194 Francis Belanger Out of hockey.  Played 10 games for the Canadians, amassed 29 PIMS.  No other cards.
195 Bill Bowler out of hockey.  Won the Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy as the best overage player in the OHL in 94/95, but didn’t translate to the NHL, playing only 9 games.  No cards.
196 Mike Danton – Currently in federal prison serving time for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his agent David Frost, who in turn is awaiting trial on 12 counts of sexual exploitation.  No cards.   
197 Stanislav Gron – Out of hockey.  Played 1 NHL game for the Devils, which is one more than I’e got logged, I guess.  No cards. 
198 Mikael Samuelsson Currently a solid winger for the Red Wings, with 40 points in 73 games.  Cards in 05/06 and 06/07.
199 Peter Smrek Played for the Frankfort Lions (Germany).  Smrek is actually one of my favorite names for a hockey player.  No releases.
200 Joel Kwiatkowski20 PIMS in 18 games for the Thrashers, been up and down between the NHL and AHL since throughout his career.  No cards, though.
201 Tomas Divisek – Plzan HC (Czech), putting up 35 points and 133 PIMS in 52 games.  No other cards.
202 Kirby Law –  42 points in 36 games for Servette Geneve (Swiss).  Won the John B. Sollenberger Trophy for most points in the AHL during the 05/06 season, but only has 1 point to show for in his 9 NHL games.  No other cards.
203 David Cullen – Playing for the Syracuse Crunch (AHL).  No cards. 
204 Greg Crozier – Out of hockey.   1 career NHL game for the Penguins.  No cards since for Upper Deck.
205 Billy Tibbetts – Out of hockey.  Tibbets managed 265 PIMS in 82 games over 4 seasons.  No Upper Deck cards since. 
206 Dale Clarke – Played for the Blues (Finnish).  3 NHL games for the St. Louis Blues (a theme).  No other cards. 
207 Jaroslav Obsut – 78 PIMS in 52 games for Lulea HF (Sweeden).  No other cards.
208 Thomas ZieglerPlayed for Bern (Swiss).  No other cards. 
209 Pat Kavanagh – 50 points, 156 PIMS in 54 games for the Iserlohn Roosters (German).  No other cards.
210 Mike Brown –  Out of hockey.  130 PIMs over his career of 34 games for the Blackhawks, Canucks, and Ducks.  Not to be confused with the Bruins goalie of the same name.  No other cards.
211 Ilya KovalchukAveraging a point a game in his career with the Atlanta Thrashers.  Featured in series 2 as well, he’s been on a card in every set.
215 Vaclav Nedorost – Played for Liberec Bili Tygri HC (Czech).  A 1st round pick for the Avalanche that never really panned out.  No other Upper Deck cards.
225 Jeff Jillson – Played for the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL, scoring 22 points in 79 games.  A 1st rounder in 1999, a respectable 41 points in 140 games as a defenseman.  Featured in the 03/04 set.
227 Nikita Alexeev – Played 37 games for Kazan Ak-Bars (Russia).  The #8 pick overall in the 2000 draft.  Did alright for the Lighting in 06/07, scoring 21 points before beng traded.  Also on a 02/03 Upper Deck card.
228 Krys Kolanos – 63 points in 65 games for the Quad City Flames (AHL). Picked 19th overall in the 2000 draft, Kolanos suffered a concussion on a hit from behind in 2002 that limited his career.  Not in the Upper Deck set since, he was given an On the Rise insert in the 02/03 release.

231 Brian Sutherby45 games, 57 PIMS for the Mighty Ducks.  Before that showed a bit of a coring touch for the Capitals.  Seen on a 02/03 Upper Deck card.

Dan Snyder will not be counted in the totals, though I get the feeling he’d still be on an NHL roster.  With 35 added, a tally of the 115 total so far:

  • 9 more still in the NHL, a total of 35
  • 10 out of hockey, a total of 21
  • 26 have seen no other Upper Deck Series 1 or 2 releases, a total of 73
  • 4 more guys that I could accept as Young Guns, a total of 14

Part 4 is coming soon.




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7 10 2009

Hey great series, I was thinking of doing the same thing. Guess you beat me to the punch, you did a better job on this than I would have done anyways.

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