I do need new glasses

9 05 2008

Topps announced their latest relic card, featuring an actual pair of sunglasses that were once worn by president Woodrow Wilson

The card does look pretty cool, but seeing as it’s a 1/1, it’s not going to get me to rush out and buy boxes of the stuff.  I’d be interested to see how much it sells for, though.

And for those of you needing an example of hyperbole, check this out:

…one of the more unique aspects of the card is that it can actually be held up and looked through allowing the collector to see what President Wilson saw.

Putting on these glasses will not make you see a nation in need of a Federal Reserve System or a German threat to world democracy.  You will not get to see what it’s like to win a Noble Prize, either.  But an insert that could do that, well, that would probably be worth chasing.

As with all inserts of this type, there is some discussion about whether a piece of history should be destroyed for a insert to a baseball card set.  I’m right there with them.  Instead of cutting things up to fit on a card, why not a redemption card for the item before it gets all cut up? 

Imagine, instead of holding a baseball card, you could hold the actual case and glasses themselves.  Instead of a few pieces of history, you’d be holding history itself (How’s that for hyperbole?  They are only glasses).  But then it wouldn’t really be related to the hobby at all.

For those engaging in the chase, Triple Threads is scheduled for a July 30th release.




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