Homer time! (Or Bailey-ing out the Reds)

10 05 2008

Today the Cincinnati Reds are facing off against the Mets in a twinight double header scheduled to make up for a rain out last night. Losing two in a row is bad but getting swept in a doubleheader is even worse.

The Reds have Matt Belisle throwing in game one, and so far , he’s given up 6 runs (5 earned) in 5 innings. It’s raised a once sparkling 6.91 ERA all the way to 7.45. Following Belisle in the nightcap is former All-Star Bronson Arroyo, sporting a hefty 8.63 ERA in his 7 starts so far this year.

Meanwhile, down in Louisville, the once and (hopefully) future phenom Homer Bailey has in his 7 AAA starts a 2.72 ERA along with 39 K’s in 46 innings pitched. There is a slight concern about his walk rate starting to rise (he gave up 3 in his last start), but as a Reds fan I’m willing to overlook it to see him get another chance.

As a fan, nothing is worse than feeling that your team will lose before a game even starts. When Matt Belisle takes the hill, I’m pretty sure that will be the outcome. Judging from the folks at the Cincinnati fan site Red Reporter, I’m not the only one. With Homer, however, the Reds would get another glimpse of the (hopefully) bright future featuring Joey Votto, Edison Volquez, and Johnny Cueto, while making up for guys like Corey Patterson and carrying three catchers.

Since starting this post, Belisle is out of the game. Hopefully five games from now, he’ll be out of the rotation, too. At least Cueto will be starting tomorrow.

*UPDATE* Of course Arroyo would pitch 8 innings, striking out 10 and only giving up 1 run as the Reds avoid the sweep after I express dismay at him starting tonight.  Homer, on the other hand, lasted only 4.1 innings tonight in AAA, giving up 6 runs and striking out 1.  Sheesh.




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16 06 2008
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[…] a bad idea… 16 06 2008 Back on May 10th, I was cautiously excited by the prospect of Homer Bailey coming up to take the place on Josh Fogg or Matt Belisle in the […]

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