Pink bats

11 05 2008

Major League Baseball is now in it’s third year of honoring mother’s everywhere with pink bats on Mother’s Day.  The bats in turn are auctioned off to raise awareness and fight breast cancer through the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation

I’m not advocating this by any means, but I was curious if any company has issued a game used bat card using these bats. Doing a cursory search on the internet tells me no, but it was by no means an exhaustive search.

What would be your reaction to such a card? Hypothetically, should the company that sells a product with this card in it give some of the proceeds to charity, or have they fulfilled that obligation with the initial purchase already? Would you be more interested in a product that contains this card or turned off by the idea? And finally, which company do you think would be the first to make such a card if it doesn’t exist already?

By the way, you can honor mom with a donation by clicking the Susan G. Komen link above. And Happy Mother’s Day to all.




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