2007/08 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 box break

13 05 2008

I know, you’re thinking ‘didn’t season one come out last year?’ and my thought answer to your thought question is ‘yes, yes it did.’ But while compiling the stats for my series 2 break, I realized that series 1 was still in it’s pure and unaltered form. And no blogger is going to turn away from a free post.

So here’s the Series 1 break down:

  • 179 base cards (88% of the base set and three damaged cards)
  • 6 Young Gun rookies: 205 (Bryan Little), 213 (Tyler Weiman), 221 (Cory Murphy), 228 (Jaroslav Halak), 236 (Daniel Girardi) and 244 (Steve Wagner)
  • 2 Game Jerseys – GJ-AH Ales Hemsky (2 color) and GJ-PK Paul Kariya
  • 2 Hometown Heroes- HH63 (Stastny) and HH69 (Latendresse)
  • 1 Lord Stanley’s Heroes – LSH1 (Teemu Selanne) with corner damage!
  • 2 NHL’s Best – B2 (Brodeur) and B5 (Thornton)
  • 1 NHL’s Award Winners – AW4 (Malkin)
  • 1 UD Exclusive – 223 Jonathan Bernier Young Gun (52/100)

Impressions: This was a while ago, but opening box two reinforced what I recall from box one. The cards this year are kind of ugly, with the gold lettering and the line down the side detracting from what Upper Deck does best – the photography.

The Young Guns look even worse, with the writing in gold foil that makes names ridiculously hard to read. I’ll be interested to look back on the crop that I pulled and see how they do as the years go by, especially Halak and Girardi. But I certainly didn’t pull any of the top tier rookies.

My insert pulls were a little meh. I suppose there are worse jerseys to pull from the box, but the damaged Lord Stanley’s Heroes card and the third season of Hometown Heroes really brought it down for me. Currently the Young Guns are going for more than I am willing to pay on eBay, which means I’ll be waiting to complete this set for a few more years. Or at least until next year’s offering hits the shelves.

Overall, I’d call it an average box from an average release.




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