2007/08 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 box break

14 05 2008

Here’s the thing about buying an Upper Deck hockey box – you know you aren’t going to anywhere near a complete set, and it’d probably be cheaper just to buy a base set for five bucks somewhere and begin the slow march to complete your Young Guns set shortly thereafter. But then you’d miss out on cards like this:
He sat in a room with a camera in this jersey

Now, as far as these jerseys go, Jack Johnson is a pretty good pull. But how much would it have killed Upper Deck to let him play hockey in that jersey rather than have him sit in a room and have his picture taken with it? Am I really supposed to get excited over a piece of hockey jersey that was worn at Olan Mills? Apparently so.

Anyway, to make matters worse, it’s Upper Deck quality, meaning there are two small chips on the top of it (not pictured). So if there’s a fan of Jack Johnson who wants this card to look at while you make banana pancakes, let me know.

On to the rest of the box:

  • 155 base cards (77.5% of the base set)
  • 6 Young Guns – 455 Jonathan Sigalet, 468 Tobias Stephan, 469 Chris Connor, 472 Zach Stortini, 484 Greg Moore and 493 Devin Setoguchi (no doubt known as “the gooch” to his fans)
  • 1 Clutch Performer – CP4 Dominik Hasek (who was not so clutch this year in the playoffs)
  • 2 Hometown Heroes – HH72 Ryan Smyth and HH73 Paul Kariya
  • 2 Stars in the Making – SM1 Zach Parise and SM8 Ryan Getzlaf
  • 1 Top Picks – TP1 Sidney Crosby
  • 1 Rookie Materials – the above mentioned Jack Johnson
  • 1 UD Game Jersey – GJ2-MB Mark Bell
  • 1 UD Exclusives – 469 Chris Connor Young Gun (49/100)
  • 24 Upper Deck Victory cards (oh joy) including 12 rookies

Impressions: Well, the good news is I got the Jonathan Toews rookie. The bad news is, it’s the Upper Deck Victory card. Once again the Young Guns I pulled are not the big money cards I’d need for the set, and my Upper Deck exclusive pull is once again a Young Gun rookie.

Another pretty pedestrian box. I hit all the ratios, pulled nothing major, and still need 44 Young Guns and 45 base cards to close the lid on this one. The updated wantlist should be posted shortly. All inserts from both boxes are available for trading.



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