15 05 2008

Well, that shouldn’t have been as exciting as it was. We all know that no closer is perfect, but watching Mike Lincoln and Francisco Cordero combine to give up six runs to the Marlins in the ninth gave most Reds fans flashbacks to last year when the bullpen was a sieve and no game was over for sure until the 27th out was finally recorded.

But tonight also gave Paul Janish the chance to shine in his major league debut- and he did just that in the bottom of the 10th. With Johnny Cueto pinch running on 2nd and Paul Bako on first, “soft J” as he is sometimes known singled in the winning run for his first major league hit and RBI, and lifted the Reds over the Marlins for their 3rd straight win, 7-6.

At this point it’s doubtful that Janish will be featured on a redemption rookie card, or will even be a guy who drives the 2009 releases to insane levels. Janish is the Reds 19th ranked prospect according to Baseball America, a guy who shines defensively but struggled to hit in three of his four minor league seasons (2006 was an exception). In his fifth year in the minors, this time for the AAA Louisville Bats, Janish had begun to hit again, going .293 with 4 HRs and 20 RBIs, a pleasant surprise for any Reds fan.

Sure the triple AAA numbers aren’t as amazing as a certain teammate of Janish’s in Louisville, but the Reds would be pleased with that output and the defense that Janish offers until Keppinger or Gonzalez return from injury.

And if he does that well, they’ll be no need to rush them, either.



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