Half a Rose smells… sweeter?

16 05 2008

Take a look at this card for auction over at America’s auction playground. It’s for a 2008 Tristar Signa Cuts Pete Rose Auto SP #1/2, which clearly is the bottom half of a 1985 Fleer Pete Rose baseball card that Pete autographed.

The guy selling the card is the same guy who won it six days ago for $280. It’s currently selling for $78 with nine days to go.

Now I understand that this Tristar card is numbered 1/2, but it’s still just the bottom half of a more widely issued card. If it weren’t contained in another card, we’d all call it damaged, and you’d probably be lucky to get $10 for it. Just for reference, a 1987 Donruss card with Pete’s auto recently for 17.50 and a 1982 Topps All Star with Pete’s auto went for 9.99. And that’s for the whole card, too.

While there’s a certain thrill of holding a card numbered out of two, I think I’d rather have both halves of the original 1985 Fleer card with the autograph and the extra $260 dollars I didn’t spend on this version of it. Better still would be to have Pete sign one of my old 1985 Fleer cards while I said hello and made some inappropriate gambling joke to him.

I bet he’d like that.




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