When 100 A-Rods aren’t enough

21 05 2008

Last week the Beckett blog featured a post about Brad and his 101 Alex Rodriguez rookies all rated BGS 9, which according to Beckett sells for $350-$375 a piece. The article ends:

Englehart says the 101-card collection will stay intact at least until the National Convention in Chicago the last week of July.

Well, someone’s a liar, because here they are, all 101 of them on eBay right now, with the same picture from the Beckett article.   Either someone decided to sell Brad’s cards without his knowledge (ie, it’s a scam), or Brad got free press for his eBay sale on the Beckett website.

Either way, the cards at high Beckett should sell for a little less than $38,000 dollars.  Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling this collection may be broken up and sold individually in the days to come.



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