Case breaking dealer to appear in 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter

22 05 2008

This year’s Allen and Ginter release will feature a 20 card insert that, when put together, will reveal a code for collectors to crack.  The code reveals a “call for action,”  and the first person to complete this call for action will appear in next years Allen & Ginter release. 

The cards are seeded one in 24 packs, with 12 boxes in a case.  So buying 2 cases would be your best bet to get the cards and get the code.

Dealers who crack cases will get a head start on those of you who need to hunt down the cards on eBay.  But maybe you have 19 friends who are buying a box, and by sheer dumb luck you all get different cards.  Maybe Topps will feature all 20 of you on the card.

Topps Allen & Ginter is scheduled to be released July 21st.



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