2007 Topps Series 2 Blaster box Pack 1 and 2

23 05 2008

I realize that I could get a hobby box for a little more money and probably get a lot closer to completing my set with one, too. But I haven’t bought a blaster since 1998/99 Upper Deck hockey, and there’s something to be said about taking a box home with you rather than just waiting for it in the mail.

I’m going to post this two packs a night, with a break upcoming (more on that later). My wife and I each open a pack. Feel free to judge who gets the best one.

Here’s mine:

  • 368 Mark Prior (need!)
  • 415 Aaron Cook (need!)
  • 427 Randy Wolf (uh oh. The Reds are facing him tonight. Hope it’s not bad luck) (need!)
  • 600 Ryan Zimmerman
  • 615 Lou Pinella (he looks so cold, someone get him a sweater)
  • JD17 – Joe Dimaggio hits a single!


  • 403 Casey Blake (with a dinged corner, since I need it)
  • 436 Ricky Nolasco
  • 503 Jeff Cirillo
  • 554 Elizardo Ramirez
  • 622 Matt Chico
  • 436 Ricky Nolasco Gold 1868/2000 (#’ed Ricky’s favorite year!)
  • plus we could have won a trip to the all star game and a reminder to work hard to get cards

No argument from me. She’s the winner tonight, even with the three cards I picked up for the set.

And Ricky’s on a tear, which makes me start to regret trading him for Felipe Lopez in my keeper league. But I needed a SS, and have an abundance of pitching. I’ll just keep chanting that to myself.

(Whoops.  I should have posted this last night, but hit the save button by mistake.  Enjoy!)




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