2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 Box Break

23 05 2008

After trying (and failing) to put together a 2008 Upper Deck baseball set through auction lots, I decided I’d go for broke and buy a box because they’re so darn pretty.

First, the results:

  • Base cards: 277 out of 400 (69% of the set)
  • Damaged base cards: 20
  • Duplicates: 3
  • OPC inserts: Noah Lowry, Prince Fielder, Brandon Phillips, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Howard, Russell Martin, Ryan Zimmerman
  • Damaged OPC inserts: Ryan Braun
  • Presidential Predictors: Romney and Thompson
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy: 2309 Berra, 2334 Martin, 2359 Mize, and 2932 Skowron
  • UD Jersey: Jake Peavy
  • UD Patch: Morgan Ensberg
  • All Rookie Team Auto: Kevin Cameron

Notice a theme with the last three cards? It’s the San Diego memorabilia box! And I got it in California! Which makes me wonder is there anyone else who saw a team theme in their box that they bought from a certain part of the country? Is this an Upper Deck plan?

And 20 high gloss photos a pack?  Awesome move, Upper Deck.   

What was not awesome, however, was quality control.  20 damaged cards? Come on, Upper Deck, you can do better than that. And there’s no way you should be pulling duplicates out of a box you fall 123 cards short of a set in. It’s ridiculous.

I did pull my first autograph card ever, which was cool (even if it was Kevin Cameron) and my first patch card, too. Or I should say my wife did. In fact, on successive nights, she managed the Peavy jersey, the Cameron auto, and then the Ensberg patch. It was quite the show.

Next time, though, I’ll be a little more savvy about Upper Deck. I’ve already got a series 2 box on the way, and if this box was a fluke, then I’ll look into next year’s release. If, however, there’s the same problems, then I’ll have to figure out another way to collect the set.

The wantlist should be updated soon.



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