Memorial Day weekend

29 05 2008

So I took the weekend off to spend more time with my family and no time on the internets.  Even though we stopped at a coffee shop with internet access, there was never a real time I missed the whole thing.  And by the end of it all, I felt like I hadn’t missed a thing.

Since the Reds were coming to the west coast to visit, we decided to get tickets and see a game that meshed well with our schedule.  It would be the first game for our son, still less than 2 years old. 

I was a little worried about how he would do, so we even bought him his own seat in case he got tired of being on our laps.  As we arrived and hit the elevator (for the stroller) I said to me wife “if he lasts seven or eight innings, I’ll be impressed.”

He made it 13 and a half.  The game lasted 18.  The Reds blew three saves in the game, more then they had blown all season.  Paul Janish delivered a clutch 2 run single in the 11th, but for a reason known only to Dusty Baker, Josh Fogg and his ERA over 8.00 came in try and seal the victory.  He failed.

Pitcher Bronson Aroyyo was used as a pinch hitter and singled.  That was the last hit we actually saw.  Aaron Harang and Edison Volquez were used as relievers.  And after a Joey Votto error in the bottom of the 18th brought up Adrian Gonzalez, you could feel the end was near.  And sure enough, it was.

It was a little chilly, but otherwise a beautiful day for baseball, and my son seemed to alternate between caring about the game and just wanting to play.  It’s just too bad he didn’t get to see the Reds win. 




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