Beyond Fukudome

30 05 2008

Cubs OF Koskue Fukudome has a short printed insert in Topps Series 2, and Chris Harris at Stale Gum is a little upset about it.

In the brief time I’ve been blogging here, I think my tolerance for this sort of thing has grown. First off, this short print is actually a baseball player, not a squirrel or fake Japanese kid. And it’s not an airbrushed card either. Second, as a set collector, it only negatively affects me if I pull it instead of a base card I need to complete my set. But even still, it’s a baseball player, so I still won’t be that upset about it.

Finally, it’s not a short printed version of a regular card, like another company has decided to do (starts with U, ends with K, there’s a pper Dec in the middle). But even this card doesn’t have a piece of his hair or flecks of sunburned skin encased in it, so it’s not the biggest travesty.

I do find Topps decision to release their flagship without a genuine RC for Fukudome a little odd, but they’ll just add it to Update and Highlights and that will be that.

I realize the Fukudome card is another example of creating inflated value for a card through short printing, something I dislike in the hockey sets. But as long as the Fukudome card is SP2 or XJ-37, as long as it’s not numbered as part of the base set, I’m okay with it.

I may even be a little disappointed if I don’t pull it.

*UPDATE* I can, however, do without the stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger 2012? card.




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