2007 Topps Baseball Series 2 Target Blaster Box packs 11 & 12

31 05 2008

So I really thought I’d get more cards that I needed out of this thing, and I was hoping to be under 100 by the end of the box, if not now. That hasn’t happened at all. Maybe tonight will be better. Here goes:


  • 660 Yadier Molina (need)
  • 516 Bartolo Colon
  • 621 Alexi Casilla
  • 601 The entire Colorado Rockie team
  • 455 Dan Johnson
  • 522 Anthony Reyes
  • Topps of the Class filler

Sweet mother of mercy, another need! Here’s hoping for 15 in the remaining nine. On to hers:

  • 640 Kei Igawa
  • 508 Ryan Langerhans
  • 404 Corey Hart
  • MHR389 Mickey Mantle hit a home run
  • 419 Jorge Cantu
  • 382 Kevin Millwood

Crap. Nothing. Still, Corey Hart’s pretty good. And Alex Rodriguez thinks that Kei Igawa “has it in him to win 15 games or more.” Maybe he meant over his career. In AAA. Only 5 more wins to go, then!




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