The Upper Deck series 2 gimmick shows it’s head

31 05 2008

So Topps has the SP Fukudome and the Arnold 2012 card.

Upper Deck once again may have seeded a Hillary Clinton card that doesn’t belong:

“We had the version of Obama lifting Clinton pulled as it became clear Barack would be the victor,” said Jason Masherah, Baseball Brand manager for Upper Deck in a statement. “Pulling these cards is a process done by hand so it is very possible some of these cards may make their way into packs. Those cards are considered an error version.”

Basically, there is a card of Obama lifting Hilary in the air and proclaiming her the victor of the Democratic nominating process. Upper Deck decided this wouldn’t happen, and hand pulled all the cards that showed it. Except for the ones they may have missed.

Sounds eerily familiar to the series 1 mistake, doesn’t it?  So far, nothing has shown on eBay.   But keep your eyes pealed as the days go by and more and more product are opened.




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