Topps Baseball Series 2 Target Blaster packs 13 & 14

1 06 2008

So with 8 packs left to open, I’m hoping for a 2 card a pack hit in order to get my wantlist under 100. I have no reason to expect this to happen.

Let’s see if I can at least me teased.

My pack:

  • 649 Brain Barden
  • 442 Paul Maholm
  • 590 Lance Berkman
  • 467 Hanley Ramirez
  • 488 Vernon Wells
  • 581 Mike Sweeney
  • I could’ve won a trip to the All Star game, but all I got was this flimsy expired filler card

Bupkiss for the wantlist.


  • 645 Angel Sanchez
  • 560 Randy Johnson
  • 411 Jason Bay
  • 524 Ty Wigginton
  • 499 Aaron Boone
  • GN228 Ryan Zimmerman hit a 2B off Lance Carter
  • Could’ve been a winner
  • Checklist

Nothing there, either. *sigh* I’ll almost be glad when this is done.



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