Over the Topps

2 06 2008

You know, when Topps released the Fukudome shortprint, I wasn’t upset by it. In fact, I went out to defend Topps at a couple blogs, stating this was something that the company needs to do to stay in business. Topps hasn’t been afraid of collectors leaving the flagship, so adding a few SP inserts that weren’t part of the set could generate interest in non collectors and make the company money, which would keep them churning out cards.

Then, there was word of two more of the so called “World Short Prints” of Yasuhiko Yabuta of the Royals and Alexei Ramirez of the White Sox. I found this a little more disturbing. Getting a SP you want it great. Getting one you don’t want kinda sucks. And that’s how most would feel about pulling the Yabuta and Ramirez cards.

Then Topps screws with the political inserts, with the Arnold 2012? card. This one’s just stupid. The answer is no, Topps, even if the Constitution were changed to allow it. It’d still be no.

This morning came word of an Al Gore SP. Again, not going to happen, so a waste. And these last two, of course, have nothing to do with baseball. So they are even more frustrating.

Finally word this afternoon of a 6th SP. This one is numbered 661, so it’s part of the set. It’s of Johan Santana, commemorating the first no hitter in Mets franchise history. Which he hasn’t thrown yet. Here’s the only auction of the card on eBay, already ended. It sold for a little over $50.

Thanks for screwing with the base set itself Topps. You couldn’t just blank back it or SP number it, could you? You had to go and mess with set itself. Up until now I could defend you because you maintained the set itself as natural, even if you did mess around with the box. But this, this I just don’t know about.

Mostly, though, I wonder where Topps got the idea for the last three cards, and why they thought anyone would really want to chase them down except for the hard core master setters. Arnold and Al? Really? And a stupid no hitter card that can’t possibly come true? Com’n Topps, give us more credit than that. Please.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers leave behind series 2. I think it’ll be a tough sell to get them back in 2009.




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