Topps Baseball Series 2 Target Blaster packs 15 & 16

2 06 2008

I miscounted somewhere.  But the pack # are realigned, and so are the stars.  Please please please let me get what I need…

My pack:

  • 484 John Maine
  • 441 Pat Burrell
  • 401 Matt Kemp
  • 413 Coco Crisp
  • TP5 Freddy Garcia got traded
  • OD2 Braves vs. Phillies at Citizen Bank (I’m not sure why, but I actually like these cards)
  • Work hard, get cards

Two inserts really diminished the odds of me getting a card I’d need.  If I were chasing these sets, though, I’d be pleased.

Her pack:

  • 392 Craig Wilson
  • 366 Rickie Weeks
  • 458 J. J. Hardy
  • 652 Josh Johnson/ Miguel Olivo Classic Combos (really?)
  • JD50 DiMaggio singles in the first, no drama there
  • GN308 Hanley Ramirez steals a base
  • Checklist 1 of 3

Huh, a double hitter for her, too.  What are the odds?

It feels like I’ve gotten a bunch of inserts out of this thing, which I guess should make me happy.  But I was really hoping for more luck with the set.  I’ll be thinking twice about buying one of these again.




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