2008/09 O-Pee-Chee Hockey

4 06 2008

I spelled it out in the title, but don’t expect me to do it again.

The third hockey release for next season to release before the season even starts is Upper Deck’s OPC offering. Here’s how Upper Deck sells it:

  • Awesome 600-card base set, ideal for anyone who loves set collecting

Boxes are 36 packs a box, 6 cards a pack. One of those cards a pack is a “variation” card (more in a moment). That’s 5 cards. There are 20 other inserts scheduled a box, leaving you with 160 of the 500 regular base cards. The last 100 cards of the set come 1 every other pack.  You get 18 of those, so your total base card haul from OPC will be… 132 cards. Boxes sell for around $50, so that’s 200 dollars to hand collate a set, providing perfect collation.

Of course, those 4 boxes only get you 72 of the last 100 cards. Another 2 boxes would fill in that gap.

So if you want to put together the set through wax, you’re looking at $300.  If you get perfect collation.  A set collectors dream.

  • Great 1979/80 Retro variation of the regular set!

Why not wait until next year, when it’ll be the 30th anniversary of that set? You could really fire up the bells and whistles to celebrate the Wayne Gretzky rookie card set. Instead of celebrating the special 29th anniversary of the set. Sounds like a glorified parallel to me.

  • Commemorate the Winter Classic… find 1 card paying tribute to the old-school event!

These are actually nice looking cards, and would probably be fun to build. However the checklist I’ve found online says nothing about how big this will be.

  • Find Autographed Buyback cards! Just as with last year’s hit, some tremendous hits can be found.

Last year’s list is pretty impressive. These hits come once a case.

  • Triple Jersey cards and OPC signature cards lend punch!

Indeed, there is quite a list of Triple Material cards. These fall four per case (or in in every 4 boxes) and the OPC signature cards are once a case hits as well.

And Upper Deck says there are 9 gold parallels, 1-2 retro set parallels, and 9 “Box Break” inserts a box, for those keeping score at home.

I will say this for the Upper Deck OPC releases, I always like the way the base set looks. Depending on time and money, I may actually try and chase this set on the secondary markets.

2008/09 Upper Deck OPC is scheduled to release Oct 10th.



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22 06 2009
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