Final thoughts on Topps Series 2

4 06 2008

Ben Henry writes:

And now for 2008 we’re awash in a veritable tidal wave of errors, variations and gimmicks. It’s that last word (gimmicks) that’s really a slap in the face of the collector.

That’s true for us collectors (well, some more than others), but the hobby is now propped up by more than collectors. There are, I’m sad to say, people who collect strictly to try and make money, and Topps has to do something to appeal to them as well.

And I must say all the griping about Topps not having a Fukudome RC still seems misplaced.  Won’t the Update and Highlight set still qualify as a regular release?  I’m certain that Fukudome and all his friends from the SP get a regular card treatment there.  So not only are the SP inserts an effort to drum up sales for series 2, but what series 2 lacks seems an effort to drum up sales for their next release.  Crafty, Topps!

But I also agree with Ben’s next statement, to a degree:

Sure, (the gimmicks are) fun, but shouldn’t the fun be in the base set? Shouldn’t every card be fun?

Ideally, yes. Of course, that won’t happen. There will be some duds whether the company tries or not. And if Ben really feels the gimmicks are fun, then it sounds like his real complaint isn’t with them, but rather a lackluster base release from Topps.

I’m interested in hearing what Ben and co. would do to make sure that 2009 Topps is, as he puts it, “fun.” I’ve asked as much at his blog and look forward to hearing responses, if any come in.



2 responses

4 06 2008

Topps could put a little more effort into choosing their photos. In series 1 it looks like the photographer never left his position, waited for a batter to come up to the batters box, snapped a photo…repeat. Looks like they got Daric Barton in the on deck circle…Several of the cards look like the same picture with different names. That’s not so fun.

4 06 2008

Forgot, In the above post I was talking specificaly about the A’s players in series one.

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