Topps Baseball Series 2 Target Blaster packs 19 & 20

4 06 2008

And so the Blaster box experience comes to an end.  After five cards needed in the first two nights, I’ve been nothing but disappointed since.  Maybe we can go out on a high note here.


  • 584 Clint Barmes
  • 612 Ozzie Guillen
  • 378 Rmaon Hernandez
  • 466 Raul Ibanez
  • MHR316 Mickey hits #316 off Jack Cralick
  • GN289 Justin Verlander won a baseball game
  • Checklist 3 of 3

2 more inserts, nothing from the list.

Her tearful goodbye pack:

  • 341 Akinori Iwamura
  • 539 Eric Milton
  • 532 jose Vidro
  • 531 Julio Franco
  • 416 Mark Redman
  • 435 Felix Hernandez (need)

I guess I could have been more specific on that high note.  A double hitter and the final card is actually needed for the set.  Could’ve been worse, I guess.

Overall, 17 inserts, 1 gold parallel, and 9 cards from the set.  I guess I shouldn’t complain about that from a Blaster box.  Now let us never speak of it again.



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