All Stars

6 06 2008

Balloting has been up over at and at ballparks everywhere to send your favorites to the All-Star game. I have yet to vote, but thought this would be a good time to lool over who’s virtual chad I’ll be punching in the days ahead.

First, behind the plate, the obvious choice on the AL side is… uh… well, Joe Mauer’s hitting well, and has hit 2 HRs in the last week to bring his season total up to… 2. A little behind average wise, but with 7 HRs, it’s… Miguel Olivo of Kansas City? Seriously? And I guess A.J. Pierzynski deserves some consideration, too.  Originally I was going to vote Olivo, but I think Mauer is a better overall choice. 

In the NL C spot, I think Brian McCann or Soto are neck and neck statwise, with Russell Martin not far behind. I’m voting McCann, though, based on average.

On to 1B. There would be a number of qualified NL candidates if it weren’t for the monster season Lance Berkman has had. There’s my NL vote right there. On the AL side, Youkilis and Morneau have been just about even.  I’ll listen to arguments, but I think I’m leaning Morneau.

2B. Utley and Kinsler. On the NL side, Uggla would be a fair choice, too. 

3B. Anyone hitting over .400 this far into the season is a lock. So the NL side should be Chipper Jones. In the AL, there’s not really a dominant statline.  I’m leaning A-Rod, though if you can talk me out of it somehow I’d love to hear it.

At SS, Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins is a fairly easy pick for the NL. In the AL, I think I’m going Michael Young of the Rangers, again, based on all around numbers. Take that, Derek Jeter.

OF in the AL. I think Josh Hamilton should win at all three positions. He’s just that good.  Carlos Quinten should play, too. After that, you could take your pick of Manny or Magglio Ordonez if you want power, or Tacoby Ellsbury if you want some speed. I see Milton Bradley qualifies here on the ballot, and his .330 13 HR campaign seems worthy of a spot.  So even as a purist, I’m tabbing him here.  He deserves to play.

OF in the NL. Nate McLouth should get some love here. Ryan Ludwick’s really hitting over .300 with 10+ HRs? Good lord, that’s someone to think about then, too, based on pure stats. And finally, for that speed power mix, let’s throw in Jason Bay and Ryan Braun in the mix. Why can’t I vote for one of them in a DH spot? I know there’s no DH in the NL, but the AL gets to vote for an extra- oh, alright. McLouth, Ludwick, and Braun. 

And finally at DH, I guess it’s Ortiz.  Except he’s out with a hand injury now.  This is where Bradley should be, but writing him in won’t get him to the show.  If Ortiz won’t be healthy to play, Matsui is the guy to go now. 

So there you go. I’m willing to listen to vote changing arguments below.

And finally, should there be some rule that stops Red Sox’s fans from voting all 9 of their starters into the game?  Just asking. 




One response

6 06 2008

Your choices don’t make any sense. They’re not all Yankees and Red Sox.

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