A new day

8 06 2008

Sounds like a Star Wars movie title, doesn’t it?

One thing every baseball fan understands is that even though one game is a loss, there’s always tomorrow. And after last night’s tough loss (made worse by the fact that Ross and Cantu are ex-teammates), the Reds are looking to rebound against their hated rivals, the Marlins. (Actually, I’m not sure the Marlins have a “hated rival?” Mario?).

The Reds will square off against Ryan Tucker, making his major league debut. Tucker was one of five 1st round picks for the Marlins back in 2005, and pitched last season for the High A Jupiter Hammerheads. This season in the Southern League, Ryan’s been very sharp, striking out 62 in 70 innings and posting a 1.41 ERA. Before the season began, John Sickles ranked him the 2 prospect and gave him a B, while Baseball America ranked him 3rd in their Marlins review.

The only Red to hit off Tucker before? Jay Bruce, who’s gone 2-3 with a HR off him. That bodes well for Bruce. But the Reds always seem to struggle off new kids, and this guy is highly ranked. Hopefully the Reds can knock him out early. Maybe Griffey can finally put 600 behind him. And 601.

If not, there’s a few of his RC’s available on eBay that may turn in to a good investment. The 2005 Bowman Chrome Refractor is a looker. I’ll post a pic of it later on today.

*UPDATE* After a lead off double, the kid strikes out Bruce, and then walks Griffey before a double play. Hopefully that shakiness continues.

*UPDATE AGAIN* A run in the 2nd thanks to the heavy bat of Aarron Harang, and in the 3rd Griffey walks on 4 pitches. Tucker through 3 innings, 1 ER, 3 BB, 4 Ks.

*MORE UPDATE* Sorry, had to step out for a bit. Come back to find the Reds down 4-1. Tucker lasts 5, giving up 2 hits and 5 walks resulting in only one run. He struck out 6.

*SIGH* This is just sad. I’m not sure I can watch much more.

*FINALLY* Here’s the card. I just want to know what he’s staring at. Oh, and 36 new auctions popped up since his debut ended. People are trying to cash in I guess.



One response

9 06 2008

I have some of the 2007 Topps you need. I e-mailed you.

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