The Legend vs the Rookie

11 06 2008

I always like it when the hyped rookie and the long time veteran destined for the Hall square off on the mound. Tonight in San Diego, such a match up took place.

Clayton Kershaw has one of the filthiest curveballs you will ever see. You can watch it for yourself here. Since his call up at the end of May, he’s had two decent starts and one poor start, struggled a bit with control, but still has managed to strike out about a batter an inning.

Greg Maddux recently won his 350th game, is an eight time all star, and won four consecutive Cy Young awards.  He has a career WHIP (that’s walks + hits/inning pitched for those who don’t know) of 1.14, which is an insane number for a guy who has pitched close to 5000 innings in his career.  Maddux has relied on accuracy and his ability to out think his opponents throughout his career.

Tonight, though, both pitchers struggled with their control.  Kershaw lasted 5 and 1/3 innings, giving up 2 runs (one due to a Scott Proctor wild pitch) and struck out 5 while walking 4.  Maddux lasted 6 and and walked 3, but limited the Dodgers to 1 run.  Both are out of the game, and neither one will get a decision in this game.

The Maddux pictured is his Donruss rookie.  I got two of these when I bought a box of 1990 Bowman commons back in the day.  I went back to the guy I had bought the box from in order to return them, but he told me to keep them.  So I did.  It was the only part of the deal that really worked out.

The Kershaw card I don’t own, but would also love to find in a box of 1990 Bowman commons.  It’s available at a Buy It Now price of $425 over on that auction site.  The non-blue refractor version is currently over $100, but nowhere near as pretty.




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