Federal court stops Legendary Cuts

12 06 2008

For now, anyway (thanks, Brill report). Yesterday I noted a news article that Topps had sued Upper Deck over players featured in the new Upper Deck Legendary Cuts that Topps felt they had exclusive rights to. Today, a federal court has halted sales of Legendary Cuts by Upper Deck.

The problem is, Upper Deck has already shipped these cards. Case breaks have appeared over on the Beckett message boards. So I’m not sure how the genie goes back in the bottle without creating more animosity towards Topps while creating a big run on the Legendary Cuts cards that are already out there.

I’m not sure why Topps waited until the the last day to issue their suit. And whatever the court outcome, I can’t help but think Topps black eye is about to get blacker in the eyes of hobbyists. After all, they aren’t going to care about who’s right and wrong legally. They just want to rip some good stuff.



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18 06 2008
Topps sues Upper Deck « Hand Collated

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