More on the lawsuit

12 06 2008

So here’s the deal, as far as I can tell.

The injunction lasts 10 days. Meaning that 11 days from now, you’ll probably be able to purchase Legendary Cuts as freely as you could leading up to this action by the court.

I can’t find the link now, but a message board reader explained how Upper Deck dodges the bullet on this issue. Essentially, if Upper Deck does not use the likeness of the players that are limited by the agreement Topps signed with CMG, then there’s no foul. They can use signatures and jersey cuts to their heart contents, as like as his image remains off the card.

It’s the same way that In the Game got away with releasing Wayne Gretzky jerseys in their Superlative release even though Upper Deck has exclusive rights. You can see a copy of a Gretzky superlative card here, and I’ll try and add a picture later on tonight.

While scanning eBay, I got a look at some of the Legendary Cuts release. Nice looking cards. However, I’m not one to spend over $100 on a box, so I’ll start looking for these on the secondary market after the dust settles.

*UPDATE* Here’s the pic for those that don’t want to click. You can see it’s a Wayne Gretzky jeresy card in name only. Well, that and the jeresy piece.



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