Cardboard Mania proves me wrong

13 06 2008

So there’s some egg on my face, but that will teach me to listen to message board readers, right? I went and tracked down a copy of an In the Game example that showed how Upper Deck could get out of their lawsuit with Topps.

Cardboard Mania, however, found a Rogers Hornsby/Chase Utley card that proves me wrong. I’m not afraid to admit it, either.

Topps press release regarding their deal with CMG advises otherwise, too:

The Topps Company and CMG Worldwide (CMG), have signed an agreement giving Topps exclusive rights to produce the trading cards of 16 of major league baseball’s greatest legends. The deal lasts through 2010 and includes exclusivity on trading cards – including game-used memorabilia cards and all other insert cards.

It seemed obvious that Topps felt this way, though, or they would not have issued the lawsuit to begin with. A visit to the CMG Worldwide website has no news related to the event.

So now we sit and wait.

Harner at Cardboard Mania adds:

However, another interesting aspect to this is that Topps has released Daisuke Matzusaka memorabilia cards despite his exclusive relic and autograph deal with Upper Deck.

I think I can clear this one up. According to, Upper Deck’s exclusive agreement covers autographed cards only. This post at the Card Blog seems to confirm that idea. So far, as far as I can find, Topps has yet to release a Matsuzaka auto in any release.

I have been wrong before, though.




One response

14 06 2008

I actually found something that suggested otherwise about the Daisuke situation. I replyed to your comment on my blog.

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