Okay, so Homer-time was a bad idea…

16 06 2008

Back on May 10th, I was cautiously excited by the prospect of Homer Bailey coming up to take the place on Josh Fogg or Matt Belisle in the rotation.

Well, Homer’s chance finally arrived with a start June 5th against the Phillies. He did okay, going 6 and 1/3 and giving up 2 ER, but the cracks that started to show in AAA were apparent when he gave up 4 walks. Since then, he’s had two more starts, going 6 innings total, giving up 10 runs, and walking 6. To add insult to injury, he’s given up 5 long balls, which has led many to the obvious jokes about his name.

Last year Homer was the pride of the Reds farm system, even ranking ahead of a stud named Jay. But now, there is clearly something wrong with the 22 year old starter, and even he doesn’t know what it is:

“I just didn’t throw well, and the other team took advantage of me,” he said. “You know what, if I knew what was wrong, we’d figure it out. More than anything, it is just not pitching. Luckily, the sun is going to come up tomorrow, and you just have to put it behind you.”

The sun is going to come up tomorrow (well, today, since he said that yesterday), and the Reds may rely on a new fifth starter to come up in the next four days to take on the Yankees in Homer’s place.

Now, I don’t want to jinx the next guy the Reds may call up by heaping him with praise, so I’ll just post a picture of him and link to his stats. At this point, almost anything is worth a try.



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