Maybe 20 was too many

18 06 2008

Topps, in an effort to inject some excitement into their series 2 release, has included “Red Hot Rookie” redemption cards. These cards can be redeemed for special rookie cards that Topps will announced throughout the year.

Excitement was high when card #1 was announced as Jay Bruce, complete with on card autograph. Card #2 met the praise of Red Sox nation, featuring young pitching prospect Justin Masterson.

But those with card #3 might be a little upset to hear card #3 features John Bowker, even if it does feature Topps Chrome refractor technology. Without looking, do you know what team Bowker plays for?

If you said the Giants, you may actually be looking forward to this one.



3 responses

18 06 2008

Bowker is a stud! but I guess it’s not hard to look good when your playing with the rest of the Giants.

22 06 2008

How many more auto do you think there will be??? Hopefully there 11 or 20 (I figure its one of them) so I bulked up on those two redemption cards…I may be dissapointed thou…

22 06 2008

Anth –

I’m not sure how many will be autographed, but I assume a few of them will be to try and make the set more attractive. We’ll just have to wait and see. Good luck on your speculation.

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