Yet another 2007 Topps pack break

18 06 2008

I had to purchase a Topps pack down at the local card shop in order to get some free swag, and since I’ve severely limited myself by my Zeroing In rules, it’s a 2007 Topps Hobby pack from series 2.

Here’s what I got:
642 Sean Henn
641 Hideki Okajima
636 Mike Rabelo
352 Carl Pavano
583 Joe Inglett
562 Jamie Moyer
644 Jared Burton
624 Jeremy Brown
347 Chicago Cubs
603 Los Angeles Dodgers (need!)
596 Texas Rangers
398 Jacque Jones Gold Parallel (430/2007)

573 Gustavo Chacin First Edition
533 Erik Bedard
548 Jason Kendall
511 Kenny Rogers
381 Ronny Paulino
456 Ted Lilly
558 Steve Trachsel
515 Josh Phelps
556 John Patterson (need!)
494 Orlando Hudson
356 Curtis Granderson
DS27 Charles De Gaulle Distinguished Service
GN258 One of Ryan Zimmerman’s 47 doubles
JDSF52 Even though it says game 52, it talks of game 49. Odd.
TS2 Alfonso Soriano Topps Stars
TP9 Macus Giles Trading Places
MHR358 I think we all know what these are by now
JD3 Dimaggio was a streaker
430 Justin Morneau red parallel (damaged)
334 A.J. Burnett red parallel
372 Shane Victorino red parallel
510 Alex Rodriguez red parallel
332 Chris Young red parallel
337 Jason Isringhausen red parallel
496 Ryan Klesko red parallel
573 Gustavo Chacin red parallel
470 Gary Sheffield red parallel
449 Francisco Liriano red parallel
I could have been a winner
489 Doug Davis (need!)
338 Juan Pierre
339 Jonny Gomes
538 Wily Mo Pena
370 Troy Glaus
406 Ryan Madison
428 So Taguchi (damaged)
429 Carlos Zambrano
391 Kelvim Escobar
485 Tadahito Iguchi

When I first flipped through this pack I thought it was nothing special. On second look, there’s a gold parallel (of a guy who is no longer playing), a 1st edition card, and 7 inserts, all of which are pretty bleah. And I only pulled two Gustavo Chacin cards, leaving me one short of the hat trick. At least the red parallels were all pretty decent. Those may be this packs only saving grace, but they don’t do a set collector much good, do they?

Speaking of set collecting, I picked off three more cards from my list, a pretty bad performance from a 50 card pack if you ask me. I guess the mathematician in me could figure out some odds by dividing needs into over all cards, and then finding out how many I should get in a random assortment of cards. But that seems like a lot of work for 2007 Topps.




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