Praying for Johan…

23 06 2008

I’m down to the last two packs in my 2008 Topps series 2 box (recap coming soon), and they’ll be cracked open tonight.

As you could guess, I’ve yet to pull card #661, that Johan Santana no hitter short print card that no one likes but the people who’ve pulled it and sold it on eBay.

I’m hoping it’s in there, though, because Keith Olbermann makes a heck of a lot more money that I do, and I can’t compete. Plus, I’ve got much better things to spend $400 on.

Wish me luck.




One response

24 06 2008
2008 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box break « Hand Collated

[…] I failed to pull one, even with the collective thoughts of you, my readers, behind me (you did wish me luck, right?). Carryover inserts from series 1 include the usual parallels, Topps All Rookie Team 50th […]

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