2008/09 Fleer Ultra Hockey preview

27 06 2008

So Upper Deck failed to release a Ultra baseball set this year, but they (for now) appear to be issuing a hockey set, this one with “the debut of EX HOCKEY with its exciting patented card technology and heritage” that Upper Deck claims will create “an impressive buzz in the market.”  The pictures, then, must not do these cards justice.

Each box of Ultra hockey contains 24 packs with 8 cards a pack.  The boxes feature 6 rookie cards, 1 rookie redemption card, 2 jersey or signature cards, 27 gold parallels (this may be a typo, as they are supposed to fall one a pack), and 3 EX cards.  You can also search for Jambalaya inserts (1:864) which look nice enough but are early leaders in the dumbest name for an insert set. 

There’s also the usual assortment of inserts to go along with the 200 card base set.

Ultra hits shelves October 2nd.  It’s available on line for around $60.




One response

13 09 2008

60.00 wow, new record. Fleer Ultra hockey usually sold for 30 bucks b4

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