2008/09 Upper Deck Artifacts hockey preview

28 06 2008

Artifacts Hockey is an Upper Deck release geared towards those hoping for  big hits and not those chasing sets. Each box features 10 packs with 4 cards each, and the box should contain 3 memorabilia cards numbered to 199 or less, 2 rookie cards, 1 autograph, 1 rookie redemption, and 3 numbered subset or parallel cards.

I’ll be honest, this set does nothing for me. It’s visually unappealing and appears to be good only for watering down the market of memorabilia cards.  It’s so boring to me I cannot think of a single creative thing to say about it.  Plus, it’s a 100 card set with 43 pages of checklist and 7 parallel sets. If that sounds enticing to you, it’s scheduled for release on Oct 22.

Packs have a SRP of $9.99, and I’ve found boxes available for presale on the internet from $100-$120.



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