Things I learned from the cards dayf sent…

1 07 2008

Dayf at Cardboard Junkie was swell enough to send some of the cards I needed from my 2007 Topps list. Here’s some things I learned from them:

41 Rich Hill – Rich is the only rookie to throw a shutout while being managed by Dusty Baker. Cueto and Volquez have each thrown at least 6 shutout innings this year, but have been pulled from the game before they could match Rich Hill’s feat.

64 Bobby Kielty – Bobby’s wife gre up best friends with Cliff Lee’s wife. I so hope that’s a Jeopardy! question some day.

396 Chris Capuano – Chris was the valedictorian of his class at Cathedral High School in Springfield.

505 Jose Bautista – Jose played with 4 different teams in 2004 alone.

659 Angel Berroa and Andres Blanco – Years from now, I will look at a card like this and remember the classic combo that was …




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