Upper Deck unscrubs Yankee Stadium Legacy site… sort of

1 07 2008

So the gang’s all back. On June 18th, in reaction to the Topps-CMG lawsuit, Upper Deck had removed references of Lou Gehrig, Johnny Mize, and Thurman Munson from the Yankee Stadium Legacy checklist site.

Well, now the names are back on the checklist (caught mid-return by Cardboard Junkie) but clicking to view the card that features them gets you an “Image Not Available” message instead of the card itself. That’s because part of the Topps-CMG agreement prohibits other companies from using the images of these players to promote their cards.

However, now that the trio has returned, page one of the checklist looks like this:

So what happened to cards 1-25?

For a quick recap, Upper Deck used to have the exclusive rights to Mize, Munson, and Gehrig (among others) until Topps bought the rights from CMG. Babe Ruth’s rights, also owned by CMG, have been rumored to have been purchased by Topps around the same time, but no confirmation from Topps or CMG has been released. This may be a sign that the rumor is true.

It should also be noted that Upper Deck’s contract with CMG for the Babe expired June 30th, and it may simply be legally necessary for Upper Deck to remove him until new negotiations are complete.

Either way, I’d expect the Babe’s name to reappear on Upper Deck’s Yankee Stadium Legacy checklist soon, with the images scrubbed upon his return.

EDITED TO ADD… and somewhat related, Upper Deck has a link to SP Legendary Cuts back on their website, although for now, it goes to a search page.




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