I am tired of the Yankee Stadium Legacy checklist

2 07 2008

Upper Deck keeps scrubbing, adding, and rescrubbing this site as if they were the Scrubbing Bubbles on a moldy bathtub.

I went back to the site and now the following players are missing from the checklist:

  • Babe Ruth, as mentioned yesterday
  • Lou Gehrig, who had returned yesterday
  • Tonny Lazzeri
  • Herb Pennock
  • Johnny Mize, lost again
  • Billy Martin
  • Thurman Munson, also milk cartoned once more
  • Tommy John
  • Casey Stengel

It’s clear to me that Upper Deck knows I’ve been keeping tabs on this thing and now has chosen a bunch of random players to remove to keep me on my toes. There can be no other reason.

If I find out why these other players are now gone, I’ll let you know.

I will say this whole thing seems a disaster looming for Upper Deck. Those codes on the back are tied to a sweepstakes, and if they do not allow you to register those codes on line, well, that’s some sort of lawsuit waiting to happen, right? Any law student collectors out there that can weigh in on this one?



4 responses

3 07 2008

Stuff like this is why I took the time to post the checklist. You’d think they would want to make it easier to collect these things, not harder.

3 10 2008
Tom Depugh

I would like to have the 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legend checklist emailed to me.
Thank you

3 10 2008
Tom Depugh

I am a true Yankee fan…But the Yankee Stadium Legacy is not complete without cards of Mickey Mantle.

13 10 2011
trent gillespie

how can I get a checklist of theis huge set? any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone else is working on this set and is interested in possibly trading or buy/selling doubles with someone else please email me.

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