Upper Deck Be A Player Hockey

5 07 2008

While we’re on the hockey kick, why not take a look at Upper Deck Be A Player, set for release this Wednesday, July 9th. 

In what sadly has become the standard for hockey releases, the set features 200 base cards and 100 rookies that are short printed out of 99.  Quick math will tell you that means there are only 99 sets that can ever possibly be made.

But it gets better for set collectors, because Be A Player also features 60 rookie redemptions numbered as part of the set and short printed out of 99.  So that’s 160 total SPs for the set, all #ed/99 as well.

If that’s not enough,  you aren’t guaranteed either one of those in your box.  Upper Deck says you’ll receive either a rookie card or a redemption or a parallel numbered to 99 or less.  So even if you buy 160 boxes with perfect collation, there’s no guarantee you’ll have a set. 

There’s still one signature card in every pack to draw you in, though, and a dual signature card in every box.  Triple signatures come one a case, and quads, pents, hexes, septs, and octs are randomly inserted into packs as well.

Boxes are currently available on line for between $85 and $105.




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