2008 Upper Deck Hobby Box break

8 07 2008

Hey. Upper Deck baseball. Thanks for stopping by. We need to talk. Listen, I think we need some time apart.

Oh, no, you are beautiful. Those full bleed photos, those action shots, well, some are just amazing. But, well, I’ve been hurt by you before, and opening a box of your series 2 cards has hurt me again.

Thing is, I bought another company too. And they were cheaper than you were. And even if they didn’t look as nice, I have fewer issues with their boxes then I do with yours. Its-

What? The Auto Patch of Brett Wallace #ed/99 was nice, yes. A very sweet gift. And the Ryan Weber USA Junior National auto #ed/375 was kind of you too, as was the Kerry Wood Jersey card. If I didn’t say it before, I like those MLB jersey card designs. But looks aren’t the problem here.

Let’s start with your damaged cards. Cards from a factory sealed box shouldn’t be damaged. I shouldn’t have to look through all the cards and check for corner damage after I pull them. But you make me. And 8% may not seem like a big number, but that’s actually 26 cards.  26 damaged cards that I can’t use in my set. And it’s not like you are giving me anything near completion anyway with this box. But to be that much further, well, it’s maddening.

Then there’s the doubles. 15 of them. And a triple, too. No, there’s nothing wrong with Jose Guillen. I used to have him on my fantasy team. But I don’t need three of him to build a set. There’s only one reason you should pull triples out of a box of 320 cards, and that’s if the set they come from is only 107 cards long. And while we are talking triples, does there really need to be three different Ryan Braun cards? Sure he’s good and all, but three of them? Please.

The team USA cards? They looked nice, all eight of them. But you have to realize this is about more than looks, if you haven’t already. Let’s talk about the other inserts, while we’re at it. The Presidential Predictor cards, well, they just don’t make sense with Hillary on them. You can argue Barack hadn’t clinched the nomination when you printed them, but you knew. We all knew. It’s why you gave him the main numbers and gave her cards the A. And I don’t know what to do with three Sparky Lyle Yankee Stadium cards. Or the Nettles, for that matter.

Look, Upper Deck, it’s not completely over, I just need some time. And I need to know you’ll take better care of me next year. Because these problems with collation and quality, well, they left a hole in my set that I’ll need to go elsewhere to fill. So let’s take this time to work on our issues, and maybe this fall, we can try things again. I’ve got your number.

The breakdown:
Base: 310, including 15 doubles, 1 triple, and 26 damaged. 268/400 of the set, or 67%
Upper Deck Gold: 1 Marcus Thames 67/99
Presidential Predictors: 10a The War in Iraq, 12 Immigration
UD Jersey Kerry Wood
USA National Team 7 Jordan Danks, 13 Jacob Thompson 20 Ryan Flaherty, 22 Seth Frankoff
USA Juniors 8 Kyle Skipworth, 14 Robbie Grossman, 18 Tyler Hibbs
USA Highlights Danks saves the day
USA Auto and Patch Brett Wallace 87/99
USA Junior Auto Ryan Weber 84/375
15 filler cards




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9 07 2008


well said.

10 07 2008

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