2008/09 Upper Deck Black Hockey preview

10 07 2008

Presells are already up on the internet, but I’ve yet to see a sell sheet, so I can’t comment on the visuals on 2008/09 Upper Deck Black Hockey. I can say that it contains my favorite new trend in the hobby. But more on that in a moment.

Black is yet another Upper Deck high end product (how many of these do we need, really?), and I’ve heard anecdotaly that the baseball version was a bit of a disappointment for both dealers and collectors. The hockey release features two two-card packs per box, and each pack features an autograph or multi-swatch memorabilia card and a rookie letterman patch card as well.

Other inserts include “Marks of Obsidian” (sounds medieval and currently in the running for the oddest insert name), four other inserts with cut signatures, and “tons of triple and quad memorabilia cards.”

One insert that it appears Upper Deck misses the boat on is the “Game Night Ticket” cards, which according to Upper Deck will feature at least an autograph or two. These would be interesting inserts if they contained an actual piece of ticket from a certain night for player “x.” Sadly, judging by the baseball and basketball releases, that’s not the way these cards work. Instead, they simply reference a game played by the player, but little else. What a waste.

My favorite trend returns in black with the manufactured patch card, this time in the form of “Pride of a Nation” inserts. This time, a player’s home country’s flag gets the faux patch treatment, much like it did in the baseball release. And much like the baseball release, these will be sold on America’s auction playground as “piece of authentic.” Please don’t fall for it.

Boxes are available on line already for around $200. 2008/09 Upper Deck Black hockey is scheduled for release on September 10th.



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17 07 2008

I won’t be buying any Upper Deck Black, but I am wondering if you have a suggestion of a 2007-08 or 2008-09 hockey card release to buy a box of. I’m a baseball card collector, but hockey is probably my second favorite sport. I haven’t bought a pack of hockey cards since the early 1990s. I’d like to build a set or something, so it would have to be a release with more than 200 (and preferably more than that) cards. I’m looking for a good middle-range set, not something that’s high-end and overpriced. My favorite baseball card sets recently have been Topps Heritage, Topps Chrome, A&G, Goudey, and Upper Deck Series 1 & 2, so that gives you an idea about the types of sets that I like. Any suggestions?

19 07 2008

The problem with most if not all the hockey sets are that they contain rookie short prints. If you don’t mind chasing down 100 or so of those, then Upper Deck series 1 and 2 would be a good place to start. The stars of the bunch get a bit pricey, but the more common guys can be had for around $1 a card after a year or two. If that sounds exciting to you, that’s where I’d start.

The OPC sets usually look nice, but isn’t easy to put together from a box break. It’s a 600 card set that also contains 100 SPs.

In reality, it’s hard to recommend a set that matches the criteria you gave, because of those SPs. You can click the 2008/09 category above to see all the previews from this year so far and see if something sparks your interest.

13 09 2008

BAP is my favroit cards, 8 packs, 7 autos per box, 1 dual auto per box, and one rookie card /1000 only for 70 bucks too!

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