2008 Topps Series 1 Blaster Box

22 07 2008

While opening this and another Blaster Box to be chronicled later, I realized that they are like the fast food of the collecting world.  You know you should wait, go to the store that is set aside for food or baseball cards because in the long run, it’s a better deal.  But instead you stop in because you are right there and you are hungry right now, and you end up paying too much for an inferior product.  Occasionally you spill hot coffee on yourself or bite into a rat.  That’s a big surprise worth more than you spent on your meal.  And occasionally you’ll get a big hit from your blaster box, too.  But those are few and far between.

Think about the cost of these things.  100 cards a box at $20 a box is 20 cents a card.  Are commons from Topps 2008 really worth spending 20 cents on?  I’m going no.  But I couldn’t stop myself this one last time.  At least it was on sale.

Here’s the results:

  • Base: 92 cards, including the Rudy/Red Sox card. I needed 16 for my set, 17 if you count the Rudy
  • 50th Anniversary: AR18 Mark Teixeira, AR30 Brian McCann
  • Campaign 08: Soon to be runner up John McCain
  • Micky Mantle HR: 515 was hit on July 25th, 1967
  • Own the Game: OTG3 Ryan Howard, OTG16 Carlos Pena (both of which I already had)
  • Year in Review: YR22 Red Sox hit back to back to back to back HRs
  • Gold Parallel: 274 Jermaine Dye 71/2008

Nothing too exciting, unless you like the Rudy card.  I’m happy that 16 of the cards were needed for my set, which would be the fast food equivalent of extra cheese on your burger or an overloaded box of fries.



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22 07 2008
William Noetling

I thought that the $20 version of the blaster guaranteed a jersey these days. I know UD’s do.

The BAD thing about Topps blasters are that they are the exact same cost as the equivilent number of packs. 10 packs in a $20 blaster = $2, the price of either a retail OR hobby pack.

The NICE thing about Topps blasters are that in different mass-market retail locations they have different exclusive bonuses. I don’t know what the Wal-Mart versions are, because I refuse to shop there, but the Target blasters have a nice T-206 set, and the K-Mart blasters have a nifty gold rookie card set.

But yeah, you got a really bad blaster there.

22 07 2008

Topps series 1 did not have that guarantee. I believe series 2 does. And I forgot totally about the bonus Target pack, mainly because I left it unopened before my trip. Maybe that will save this thing.

25 07 2008

That is a great analogy comparing blasters to fast food. You are dead on with that one. Now excuse me while I eat this double cheeseburger.

12 08 2008
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