Joe Collector

22 07 2008

I’m pretty sure that if you are reading me here, then you are familiar with the background of this whole “Joe Collector” idea. If not, I’m sure googling it will fill you in.

I’ll be honest, I just don’t get it. Some people get really excited about cards, and they express that excitement at a place where people who collect cards gather. Good for them. They are doing something they enjoy, and they want to share that enjoyment with the people who they think would understand it best. To me, that makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is going to a place over and over again if it just makes you angry at these people. Why would you go back? What’s the point? It’s like going to a dog park everyday and getting mad about the barking dogs and muddy paw prints everywhere. Or going to Sizzler as a vegetarian and complaining that the only thing for you to eat is the rolls. It’s a steakhouse, for goodness sake. It’s a place not meant for you to hang out.

And why get angry at a group of people who are doing something they love? Because here’s the thing, card collectors – not everyone enjoys the same things you do. I like collecting sets. I like releases that lend themselves to that end, and I buy cards accordingly. I’m not going to buy Topps Triple Threads, anything Black, or Upper Deck’s the Cup because they aren’t designed for me. And if it weren’t for the people who did break these uber-expensive issues, there wouldn’t be anyone to sell the base cards dirt cheap later on if I change my mind.

Am I angered by the fact that they exist? No. I’m not going to waste my time. Am I upset that people enjoy these releases? Why would I be?

Besides, if I go to the Beckett message boards, I can see some nice cards I wouldn’t have the chance to see otherwise, even if they are wrapped in exclamation points and “mojos” everywhere. It’s like an instant online museum. Only I don’t have to pay anything to get in, and I can quite easily ignore the tour guide while I’m there.

So let people enjoy their Chromes and their hits, and don’t begrudge them their fun.

Sure there are faults with the hobby. I’ve noted a few of them here, but I don’t let them drive me where I go. And why focus solely on the negative parts of it? Why not, instead, celebrate and enjoy what you like? Purchase what you want and leave the rest for those you think less of. They aren’t going to care what you think anyway, as long as they are having fun. And that’s what a hobby should be about.




5 responses

22 07 2008
Mario A.

Great post! I am proud to be a “Joe Collector” when it comes to Chrome and Refractors!

23 07 2008

You post makes too much sense. You must be an adult…or at least mature.

23 07 2008

Man, this is getting out of hand. Its really too bad that this has been so blown out of proportion.

24 07 2008

Here’s my take … I think that the idea of Joe Collectors is for comedic purposes only. I don’t think that Gellman, Chris Harris, or anyone else who posts about them is actually angry about anything. I think that all of us can see at least a bit of ourselves in the Joe Collector caricature, and it makes us laugh. It makes me laugh, anyway. I think it’s a great way to point out some of the funny things that collectors do without singling out any one person in particular.

26 07 2008

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Joe Collector thing is satire that escaped and went feral.

All I know is now I absolutely love saying


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