Stadium Club’s name returns

24 07 2008

Fielder’s Choice breaks the news that 2008 Topps Stadium Club Baseball is back.

Stadium Club debuted for baseball in 1991, the year I left the hobby for the first time, so I never developed a deep relationship with it. When I made a return to the hockey card world in 1999, I bought a couple of packs here and there, but never a box and I never put together a set. Now the name returns a year after I did to the baseball world, and it’s like a girl I dated a few times but never got serious with, wondered how she was doing, and then she shows up with a lavish lifestyle and covered in bling.

2008 Stadium Club has a SRP of $225. For reference, old boxes of Stadium Club sell on the bay for around $10, but at the time of release sold for around $5 a pack. Each pack of 2008 will have an autograph, a numbered rookie, and a numbered parallel in it, leaving two base cards for us set collectors.

Will 2008 be able to hold it’s value? Well, it will depend on the execution, really, and the quality of the autographs. If it’s packed with guys like Norris Hopper and Javier Valentin, then the answer is clearly no. And even if it’s a star studded line up, we are in the midst of the auto card heyday, so is one a pack really enough to give this product value?

And here’s another thing I’ve always wondered about Stadium Club. If Topps has the technology to use beautiful photography in their releases, why not use it in all of them? Why save it for one (now super premium) product? Is great photography really going to be enough of a draw to a Topps release that costs $225 a box when Upper Deck has it in a release that costs $50?

Initial interest will be high, I’m sure, simply because it’s got the Stadium Club name. But I’m also sure that as time goes by that the price will drop. Not to $10 a box, but I’ll guess the $150 range before it’s all over. And this assumes that Topps make a good looking product, too.

Stadium Club is scheduled for a November 3rd release date.



One response

24 07 2008

Great analogy with the girl you dated a few times…

When Stadium Club came out in 1991, it was $1.99 a pack, which was the highest for any brand at the time, and more than I could hope to afford as a 12-year old. It did go up in later years, though.

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